Our dishes

A gastronomic selection from El Nou-Cents, passion, cuisine and quality.

Plats El Nou-Cents

Grilled sea urchin

Cream Grocery fish Light

Meat from sea urchin.

Tattooed scallop with black chanterelles

From forest Grocery fish

Scallops, salty meat from Jabugo, blanched black chanterelles.

Restaurant El Nou-Cents.

Autumn undergrowth in Montnegre range

From forest Vegetarian

Daily mushroom assortment.

Doe fillet steak marinated, spiced and roasted with black truffle

Flesh selection Hunting with truffle

Doe fillet steak, black truffle.

Plats El Nou-Cents

Grilled meatball with cuttlefish ribbons and truffle sauce

Flesh selection

A special dish combining seasonal fish and meat.

El Nou-Cents, Mataró.

Slow-cooked tender veal 2.0

Flesh selection

A new touch in a traditional dish.

Xai Or&Off. El Nou-Cents.

Tiny box of lamb Or&Off

Flesh selection

Special oven roasted lamb.

Cod in pil-pil sauce with seaweed crunchy

Grocery fish

Traditional Basque Cuisine, adapted by our Chef.

Plats El Nou-Cents

Tuna fish and duck liver sandwich on a chickpea sauce

Grocery fish Poultry

Similar textures with contrasting flavours.

Plats El Nou-Cents

Prawn from Arenys with chocolate

Grocery fish

Popular Catalan cuisine adapted by our Chef.

Restaurant El Nou-Cents.

Mullet stuffed with vegetables and seaweeds with Iberian ham

From forest Grocery fish The orchard

Molls farcits de verdures

La nostra versió de la Tatin de poma


Apple, sablé Bretón, caramel and rose petals.

Restaurant El Nou-Cents. Postres.

Passion mousse with a milk chocolate core and vanilla ice cream


Passion fruit, milk chocolate, vanilla.

Passió de xocolata. El Nou-Cents

Chocolate passion combining four different textures


Chocolates with different % of cocoa.